LAWRENCE, Kan. (WDAF) – Police detained a Lawrence student Tuesday after receiving a credible threat with concerns that the student might be armed.

Lawrence police said district officials asked them to investigate the threat to Free State High School. Police identified the student, and school employees and the school resource officer tried to speak with him.

Lawrence police said they asked him to turn over his backpack, but the student was uncooperative. The student left the property and began heading toward businesses south of the school, according to police.

Believing the student was armed, Lawrence police said the school resource officer called for backup while continuing to ask the student to give up his backpack.

Police said another responding officer got in front of the student and was able to detain him without incident.

Lawrence police later determined the student was not armed.

“The threat was concerning and contained details. The student was then intentionally defiant with school personnel and officers. The Lawrence Police Department and school district work together daily and will always remain committed to fully investigating any threat. We’re glad this ended the way it did,” Deputy Chief Adam Heffley said in a statement.

Police did not release any further information about the threat received.