LAWRENCE, Kan. (WDAF) — Out with the blue and in with the new. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office broke tradition and began wearing new uniforms this week.

Sheriff Jay Armbrister retired the French blue uniforms that employees and deputies have worn since the 1960s, according to a video the office shared on YouTube.

The sheriff said French blue is no longer widely used, and it’s become difficult to get uniforms in that color.

The new uniforms are not only easier to get, but they are also more comfortable for everyone to wear, according to Armbrister.

“As part of updating the sheriff’s office, we’ve always wanted to get into a more comfortable and a safer uniform, but also something that’s better for the deputies. We went with this style of vest to get the weight of the radios and magazines off of our hips, but it also maintains the classic styling with the buttons and the lapels because we didn’t want to go with a more tactical kind of neo-military style,” Armbrister said.

He also points out that the new uniforms are an updated design that allows deputies to carry all of the gear they need every day.

The office said the new uniforms still have character and several distinctive features that let people know the officer wearing the uniform is with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.