WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Health headaches continue for former Herington Hospital patients. Four days after announcing its closure, people are struggling to get their medical records.

With the announcement of its closure, Herington Hospital promised patients they would still be able to access their medical records.

“I put in the request at the front desk at the hospital, like Tuesday or Wednesday,” said David Stover, a patient at the hospital. “I figured I would go out Thursday or Friday to pick up the records.”

Stover is a disabled veteran who needs regular medical care.

“I went up to the door Thursday, and on the door, it says hospital closed,” Stover said.

A phone number was posted in the window, according to Stover. However, when he called the number, no one answered.

“It just rang and rang and rang and rang,” he added.

The frustration is felt by others in Herington. Kay’s Pharmacy is trying to ease concerns.

“Confusion kind of starts on how do I get my medical records, do I have time, do I not, where do I get my prescriptions,” said Laura Ensey, Kay’s Pharmacy manager and co-owner. “We even had people asking if we weren’t gonna be here.”

The pharmacy offered to help the hospital, according to Ensey. Patients can now pick up request forms for their medical records at the pharmacy.

Their staff then faxes the forms to the hospital, where she says people are working unpaid to process requests.

“They basically told me each day (they) don’t know if (they’re) gonna be able to come in and continue helping, but they’re there as long as (the hospital administration) will let them come up and help,” Ensey said.

Stover says he appreciates the hospital’s employees but feels abandoned by the administration.

“They threw us under the bus,” Stover said. “They threw us under the bus, and that hurts.”

KSN News contacted the hospital for comment but has not received a response.