TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Police are searching a business that brands itself as a recreational cannabis dispensary in Topeka on a commonly known marijuana holiday.

Guardian Recreational Cannabis Dispensary (Courtesy Photo/Sonya Reed)

Photos sent to KSNT News showed Topeka police entering and searching Guardian Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Wednesday, April 20. A KSNT News reporter saw officers coming in and out of the business at 3124 SW 29th St. Suite 10, and taking someone into custody.

Topeka police were seen taking one man from a building at 3124 SW 29th in Topeka on April 20. The building houses the Guardian Recreational Cannabis Dispensary. (Courtesy Photo/Sonya Reed)

The website for Guardian Recreational Cannabis Dispensary, or Guardian MMJ as it is also known, advertises itself as a recreational cannabis dispensary with THC products like “buds, edibles, nano shots, gummies, dank-tanks and moon-rock.”

(KSNT Photo)

As many as five to six officers went inside the building at 12:40 p.m., according to the reporter at the scene. KSNT News has reached out to Shawnee County dispatchers and the Topeka Police Department, who could not provide an explanation of the search or why they detained someone.

(KSNT Photo)