KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — Someone fired more than 15 gunshots at a 12-year-old and her 11-month-old brother outside their home.

It happened Sunday afternoon in broad daylight off of Askew Avenue in Kansas City, and it was all caught on camera. 

The girl was just sitting outside when all of a sudden, she was forced to run for her life. 

“Whenever I heard the gunshots, I got up and didn’t think about anything else and saw my daughter running inside,” said Rosa Olivas, the girl’s mother. 

Olivas was inside, getting ready for her son’s birthday. When she ran to the door, that’s when she was shot in the thigh. 

“It happened so fast that whenever I heard them, it didn’t even give me enough time think about anything else,” she said.

The bullets didn’t just hit her and her house; her neighbor’s home was hit as well. Bullets flew through the neighbor’s front door, living room TV and bedroom. 

Olivas said this all started with a bully at her daughter’s school, and she believes the person who fired the weapon is the brother of the bully.

Now she has a message to parents in the same situation: “Pay more attention to their kids when they get bullied in school because that’s when everything starts.” 

Still, she’s simply grateful her kids are alive and weren’t shot. 

“All I could say is that was God that grabbed my two little babies and flew them inside the house,” Olivas said. 

She’s calling her daughter a champ for holding on to her brother while bullets were flying.

“She’s a hero, you know. I tell her she’s my little hero because she saved her brother’s life,” Olivas said. 

FOX4 reached out to Kansas City police about the shooting. We’re told they’ve identified a person of interest under the age of 18, and the juvenile court is reviewing the case for consideration of charges.