ADA, Okla. (KFOR) – An internal investigation is reportedly set to review an incident caught on camera in which Oklahoma police officers appeared to repeatedly punch and knee a man that was on the ground being arrested.

Witnesses told Nexstar’s KFOR the video, seen in the player above, was “shocking,” “disturbing,” and “hard to watch.” Many of those witnesses showed up at the Walmart parking lot in Ada, Oklahoma, where the incident happened, to share their concerns.

“I witnessed four police officers laying on top of him,” said Hunter Smith, who walked out of the store while the incident was underway. The officers appeared to be from the Ada and Chickasaw Lighthorse police departments. “The fifth one was kneeing him in his face while punching him.”

The man, Justin Glaspey, was pulled over in the parking lot moments before the incident seen on video began.

“He’s never been in no trouble,” said Mike Byers, a friend of Glaspey. “All he wanted to do was make something of himself.”

The video showed what appeared to be a Chickasaw Lighthorse police officer repeatedly punching Glaspey, a Department of Health Services worker in Ada, in the back of the head and face. Glaspey can be seen attempting to push the officer’s hands away as the blows kept coming.

In his mugshot picture, Glaspey’s face is covered in scrapes and cuts from the incident. He faces charges of DUI, assault and battery on a peace officer, aggravated assault and battery, eluding while endangering others, obstruction, and resisting arrest. Those charges stemmed from what happened in the video. 

Additional details about the incident have yet to be released.

Justin Glaspey, Image courtesy Ada and Lighthorse Police Department

KFOR went to both the Ada and Lighthorse police departments to ask about the video. We were told Ada’s police chief would have “no comment” but a release on what happened would be sent to the media soon.

Lighthorse Commissioner of Police, Randy Wesley, sent KFOR a statement:

“Lighthorse officers responded to a request from Ada Police for assistance subduing a subject who appeared to be intoxicated and refused to comply with instructions from officers on scene.”

The statement went on to say there would be an internal investigation. We asked if officers would be placed on administrative leave and were told that would be determined through the investigation.

Witnesses and friends KFOR spoke to said more needed to be done.

“I want criminal charges pressed because that’s exactly what happened here. He assaulted this man,” said Byers. “We’ve got to do better.”