WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — You may have seen that the Biden Administration has agreed to Gov. Laura Kelly’s request to allow Kansas gas retailers to sell E15 gasoline at the pumps.

What is E15? The US Department of Energy defines E15 as any gasoline blended with 10.5% to 15% ethanol. The ethanol used for fuel is derived almost exclusively from corn.

Before you use E15 gasoline, there are some restrictions on what engines can actually use the fuel. Flex fuel vehicles and any vehicle built after 2001 have been cleared to safely use E15.

The following engines should never use E15 fuel as it can cause damage:

  • All motorcycles
  • All vehicles with heavy-duty engines, such as school buses and delivery trucks
  • All off-road vehicles, such as boats and snowmobiles
  • All engines in off-road equipment, such as chainsaws and gasoline lawnmowers
  • All conventional vehicles older than the model year 2001.

Consult your owner’s manual for your vehicle. Some foreign vehicles, especially those considered luxury cars, require you to only use 91 octane gasoline or higher grade. E15 is typically just 88 octane.

Most importantly, do not confuse E85 for E15 fuel. E85, while cheaper than regular E10, is for use by flexible fuel vehicles only. Again, check your owner’s manual if you are unsure, as vehicles that aren’t Flexfuel vehicles can be damaged by the fuel, and it may void your engine’s warranty if you use it.

The only drawback to using E15 fuel is that you will be going to the pump a little sooner than normal. E15 fuel is a little less efficient than standard gasoline with no ethanol.