EMPORIA, Kan. (WDAF) — When it comes to the November election results in the Sunflower State, it was a good night for the incumbent parties in each particular race.

“It’s the new political reality of bringing out your base rather than a whole bunch of undecided voters making up their minds close to the election,” Emporia State political science professor Michael Smith told WDAF-TV Tuesday. “So you just don’t see a swing this time from one party to the other.” 

That was the case in the Kansas gubernatorial race. Democratic incumbent Governor Laura Kelly won re-election over Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt by 2%.

But Independent state Sen. Dennis Pyle may have affected Schmidt’s results. Pyle, who left the Republican Party over the summer to run as an Independent, got 2% of the vote.

“I think Derek Schmidt has some centrist leanings,” Smith said. “But if he moved to the center to go after those centrist voters against Laura Kelly, he might lose voters to Dennis Pyle. And what he ended up doing is really kind of moving to the right to try to neutralize Pyle, and I think that hurt him with Laura Kelly voters.” 

Schmidt’s campaign isn’t commenting on the results. Smith’s comments, though, come the same day that former President Donald Trump is expected to announce a third run for the Oval Office.

“I think that Donald Trump’s star is fading,” Smith said. “I think that he has just taken on enough  at this point, especially with the non-red wave election, coming on top of the Jan. 6 hearings that Republicans still agree with a lot of the stances on issues that Trump took and continues to take, but they are not sure if the Trump brand is the best way to do that.”

As for who the big winner is for the Republican Party right now, Smith said it’s Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who just won re-election to his position by 19% and is thought to be considering a run for the White House as well.

Republicans maintained the attorney general’s position in the state as Kris Kobach won election, defeating Democrat Chris Mann by 2%. But Democrats maintained the 3rd Congressional District as Sharice Davids defeated Republican Amanda Adkins by 12%.