WINFIELD, Kan. (KSNW) – The Winfield Superintendent said the bond issue would have been done much sooner if it was not for COVID-19 causing delays, but now the board is one step closer to bringing the needs to voters.

“My hometown. I went to elementary school, middle school, and high school graduate here of ’02,” said Winfield Resident Rick Schiff.

Schiff is like many in Winfield. He knows the place like the back of his hand and has paid attention to what is going on in town.

Monday night, the Winfield School Board voted to have two questions on the November ballot, one for academics and one for athletics.

“Creating one new K-5 elementary building on this site, the district office site, and the co-op offices site,” said Winfield Schools Superintendent, Dr. Nathan Reed.

Winfield would go from having four elementary schools to three because two would be closed or converted.

The new building would have three sections and is estimated to cost around $48-50 million.

“Trying to be proactive and not reactive, and waiting and see if we have something bad happen,” said Dr. Reed.

On the athletic side, the board is looking to add a new football and soccer field to the high school so they no longer have to lease the stadium from Southwestern College.

“We want to put it out there to the community to see if they would support us having our own,” said Reed.

There will also be tennis court updates, and the new athletic updates will cost around $8-9 million. If both, one or the other, are passed, it will raise taxes for people like Schiff.

“It’s almost like our community if we get an extra dollar, we try to figure out a way to spend it before we get it in a drawer, and we already have ridiculous, outrageous utility costs,” said Schiff.

“The board has been very receptive and understands the timing of this and what’s happening around us economically,” said Dr. Reed.

While there is some concern, the true plan won’t be known until November.

“I really hope that they really really examine this issue before we put it in pen,” said Schiff.

The board will meet on July 25 to vote on the official ballot language.

The district plans to hold public information meetings in the future to inform the community about where their dollars will be going.