TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A local school district is sharing its connection to Zoey Felix in light of her death.

One day after the death of 5-year-old Zoey Felix, USD 501 Superintendent of Schools Tiffany Anderson released a statement to families in the district about her death and her relationship with one elementary school.

“Any death of a child impacts everyone in the community, and as a district, we are deeply saddened by the senseless, tragic death of Zoey Felix.”

Tiffany Anderson statement excerpt

While Felix was a student at Shaner Early Learning Academy last year, Anderson wrote she did not finish out the school year.

“While Zoey Felix is not a current student and she did not end the school year with Topeka Public Schools last year, she was a preschool student at Shaner for part of the last school year, and yesterday, we learned she was the victim in a horrible crime that led to her death,” Anderson said. “Yesterday, the district mental health team and district officials joined me and the principal in a crisis team meeting with our Shaner staff.  A crisis team remains in place at Shaner this week and the Shaner principal has communicated with her parents today.  Zoey was a very sweet, loving child and we are all devastated to learn about this horrible tragedy.”

Tiffany Anderson statement excerpt

Anderson explained how the district’s social work team reports and intervenes on cases regarding harm against children.

“While we cannot address any details about this family, we can share that our social work team members and staff tirelessly report matters to agencies and complete home visits with the hope that intervention occurs to avoid harm to children,” Anderson said in her statement. “Any tragic loss of a child’s life impacts us all in the community.”

Tiffany Anderson statement excerpt

USD 501 has offered to help and support local law enforcement as memorial services for Felix are planned. According to Anderson’s statement, the school district will share information regarding memorial services and ways the community can show support that directly goes to the funeral home caring for Felix.