HESSTON, Kan. (KSNW) – While some fans are allowed back in the stands, there is still a limit on how many are allowed in. 

Students in Hesston have found a way to bring the same experience to those at home and bring the live-action into the live stream. 

The set up is a full production run by students. 

From multiple camera shots and live commentary, the Swathers Sports Network is making an assist by giving fans everything you’d see on ESPN.

“The first week it was really chaotic figuring out new people, what they’re doing,” said senior and audio/visual manager Teaguemen Dola. “But since, it’s been smooth sailing.”

“I’ve always been really interested in sports so when I got the opportunity I really took that and kinda ran with it,” said senior and commentator Cole Deutschendorf. 

The Swathers Sports Network (SNN) and teacher Katie Gaston said it’s taken a year to get where the network is now, but it has taken off at the right time as Kansans battle the pandemic. 

“This is a service for the community, and while it’s a lot of work, they are providing a service, and they’re learning that aspect as well,” said Gaston. 

Gaston said the students received CARES funding that went towards more equipment to make the production better. 

The students said it is a great way to get experience while doing a public service. They said they try to keep their coverage unbiased. The students even said the rivals commend them on their work.