WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Earlier this year Evergy discovered many streetlights were turning purple due to a faulty subcomponent causing the light to fail.  

Andrew Baker, a spokesperson for Evergy, said identifying and replacing these lights has been quite an undertaking, but the company is finally making progress. 

“We’ve identified just under 4,000 lights in the Wichita area that were putting out this blue-purple light,” said Baker.

It’s a big number, but he knows it may not be the final count. 

“We are aware of the possibility of discovering more,” Baker continued.

So far, over 2,000 lights have been replaced in the Wichita area. 

“We really do feel that right now we’re ahead of the game when it comes to light replacement,” he added.

Wichitan Susan Brunell feels it’s not enough. “I’ve noticed more,” said Susan. 

Evergy expects to switch out all faulty lights in Wichita by the end of the year, but the Air Capitol isn’t the only place seeing purple.

“Topeka, Wichita, Manhattan, Emporia and Lawrence. Those are the five areas that we’ve seen,” claimed Baker. 

For Susan, the faster the lights are replaced, the better. “I don’t think they’re very easy to look at when you’re driving at night,” she added. 

There is a bright side though. “We’re seeing significantly less failed lights each month, and we hope that the newly discovered lights will continue to dwindle,” concluded Baker. 

For customers concerned about the price tag of these fixes, Baker said the LED fixtures are covered under warranty, so there will be no additional cost to Evergy or their customers for replacing the lights.