NORTH NEWTON, Kansas – North Newton police said on Tuesday that they have taken three children and placed them into protective police custody.

The three children, two 11 year olds and one 14 year old, had been adopted from an orphanage in Peru.

Police say, it all started when the 11-year-old boy ran away.

“There were some concerns by the law enforcement that found him,” stated Harvey County Sheriff, T. Walton.

After officials found the young boy, Sheriff Walton says they noticed bruises all over his body.

“That’s what stemmed this investigation that was pretty intense,” said Sheriff Walton.

After an examination, it was discovered that both 11-year-old children, one boy and one girl, were severely malnourished and had multiple bruises and broken bones.

Police say the adoptive parents, Jim Nachtigal and his wife Paige, were arrested for abuse of child, aggravated child endangerment, and aggravated battery.

KSN spoke to some of the Nachigal’s neighbors, who say they had their suspicions, but had no idea that the situation was this far out of hand.

“It just breaks your heart. You wish that some adult could have intervened earlier. I’m so proud of that little boy for running far enough and fast enough to finally get away,” said Bonnie Nufeld.

The Nachtigal’s have yet to be formally charged.