WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Valley Center is considering building its own water treatment plant.
The city voted Tuesday to approve a special meeting on the topic next Thursday.

It will hold a public hearing to decide on whether to ask for a maximum $19 million loan from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to build the facility.

The city currently sells its untreated water to Wichita and then buys treated water from Wichita at a higher rate than Wichita residents.

“What we do know is that once we’re done that the per thousand gallons that we’re charging monthly to our residents would be about half of what we’re paying or charging them from Wichita right now,” said Valley Center City Administrator Brent Clark.

According to Clark, Valley Center already has well water to pull from and a water department.

The only thing needed to independently produce water is the treatment plant.

If approved, it would likely be complete by 2027.