LANE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Elections are right around the corner and for one local community, it could mean welcoming a new breed of dog to the community.

Lane County residents will find something on the ballot this year that could possibly change a long time city ordinance, the ban of pit bulls.

Within city limits, residents are not allowed to own a pit bull, which is a common ordinance for dozens of Kansas communities.

But this year, that is subject to change. 

Residents have the opportunity to vote on whether they believe the ban should stay or go.

One person said it can be dangerous, especially after an incident earlier this month where a pit bull attacked a small dog.

Other residents disagreed.

“I don’t think um, they’re necessarily a vicious breed. I think it’s all the owner’s responsibility to train their dog to be behaved no different then raising children,” said resident Jenn Marsteller.

“We need to get it removed. I mean it’s a terrible, terrible ordinance. We shouldn’t be stereotyping dogs in 2020,” said business owner Justin Emerson.

The county wants voters to make the choice on whether or not to end the ban

The question that will be asked on the ballot states:

“Should the City of Dighton’s Ordinance prohibiting the possession of the Pit Bull Dog; Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed; the American Pit Bull-Terrier Breed or the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed of dog or any combination thereof be abolished? Yes or no?”

More information can be found here on the Lane County Kansas Elections website.