UPDATE: Butler County Emergency Management says they do not expect the Whitewater River to reach a stage where it will flood, let alone cause any problems. 

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Minor flooding is expected near the Whitewater River from Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon. 

When the rain began Tuesday, the river was at about two feet. By Thursday, the river is forecast to reach about 14 feet.

Keri Korthals, the director of Butler County Emergency Management, advises anyone in the area who comes across the water on the roads to turn around and find another route. As little as six inches of water can move your car. 

“Something like this where we may have a longer-term rise is keeping people aware that even as the rain ends, that doesn’t necessarily mean the flooding has ended because then you’re waiting for all that runoff to make it from the fields from wherever it landed and work its way into the creeks the rivers lakes and things like that,” said Korthals.

Korthals mentioned that the areas most likely to flood are the ones closest to the river. 

“They put out the warning specifically for the Whitewater at Towanda but really, what we’re looking at is that downstream coming toward the City of Augusta and then south of Augusta actually merges with the Whitewater and continues on into communities like the city of Douglass,” added Korthals. 

According to Korthals, the last time this area had major flooding was in 2019.