WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – On Wednesday, Wichita gas prices dropped to $2.99 per gallon, the first time prices have been under a dollar since January.

“I was like, ‘Better hurry up and get some,'” said Wichita driver B Jones.

Local mom of five, Alissa Dunn, said she’s happy it has gone down, saying it has been expensive to fill up.

“You have to scrape up change for gas all the time, and it’s really hard,” said Dunn.

Some said they have changed how often they are driving around town.

“I can’t drive nearly as much as I would. I have to carpool a lot,” said Dunn.

“Go to work. Go home. That’s it about it. And the grocery store. That’s about it,” said Jones.

AAA Kansas Spokesperson Shawn Steward said that naturally, gas demand is down during the winter months.

“Right now, the crude oil prices are at about $77 per barrel for as back when we were at record highs in June, we were more like $130 a barrel,” said Steward.

Steward said there are some concerns about the global economy slowing down.

“That would mean less demand for gas, and that is why we are seeing lower prices right now,” said Steward.

But many are hoping these lower prices are here to stay.

“This is nice. I can get a little few more dollars that I can put in a little less next week,” said Jones.

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, AAA recommends your tires are properly inflated to help you save gas when hitting the road.