WICHITA, Kansas – A Wichita home builder was sentenced Wednesday on two counts of felony theft for defrauding homeowners on their construction projects last year.

Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett said in a news release 44-year-old Brett Horth of Dream Life Homes pleaded guilty of defrauding 11 victims of more than $344,000 while building homes in Wichita, Andover, Pratt, Goddard, Colwich, Garden Plain, Park City and Derby.

Horth was accused of misappropriating money from homeowners who thought the funds were being used to build their homes. Most of the thefts occurred last year.

Many of the homeowners reported to police that they had paid money to Horth to reimburse subcontractors for services such as flooring and concrete. Those homeowners were later contacted by the subcontractors who complained that they were never paid.

Judge Stephen Ternes ordered a five-year probation for Horth and placed him on a monthly $300 payment plan. Ternes told Horth that he could order him to serve 16 months in prison if he violated his probation. Ternes also ordered that Horth not work in the home building business.

During the sentencing hearing, Horth said he was working as an assistant manager at a restaurant.