WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita non-profits are continuing their push to bring community members together while tackling different issues. This month’s discussion at the Evergreen Recreation Center was focused on mental health and how to better inform our community.

Yeni Telles, deputy director at Sunflower Community Action, said the goal for these monthly forms is to bring the community together and allow minorities to express themselves.

Community leaders say mental health is often not talked about within families of color, mentioning many of them consider it taboo.

Organizers hope with sessions like these, that will soon change.

“Kansas being one of those states that a lot of times we just don’t have a lot of resources in several languages. So, this brings an opportunity for our community to get together and find solutions,” Telles said.

“The more that we normalize mental health the more people will be willing and able to reach for the help,” added Marlene Ibarra, Hispanic Service specialist at Wichita Child Advocacy Center.

Ibarra says since the pandemic, they have seen an increased number of mental health cases within her organization.