WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Moving during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a reality and challenge many are facing. Some moving companies and those who are moving are taking extra precautions. 

The day finally came for James Allen and his family to move into their newly built home.  But instead of excitement, it was a day filled with anxiety over coronavirus fears.

“First me and my wife couldn’t have moved there wasn’t no way we could have done it ourselves and so you kind of got that panic like we got to be out of our house what are we going to do,” said James Allen.

Allen hired the company ‘Two Men and a Truck’ to help with the move from Rose Hill to Wichita. He said the company called the day before asking if anyone had any symptoms of a cough or fever and detailing their new safety measures.

“If we weren’t providing our services, there will be people that could not move, and they may have to move, and there’s a deadline that they have to be out of their home and to get into their shelter and have a place to live is essential. It’s a basic necessity, ” said Garret Peterman, President, Two Men and a Truck Wichita.

As for the movers, the pandemic has forced them to go far beyond lifting and loading.

“We have disinfected the trucks but doing it on a daily basis is something new. We’re sanitizing all areas that are touched whether it be steering wheels, door handles, dolly handles,” said Peterman.

Peterman said employees are also maintaining social distancing, washing their hands frequently, and asking customers to use their own pens when signing forms.

“And then when you get the reassurance from them on all the precautions that they’re taking to get you moved safely it just gives you peace of mind,” said Allen.

Peterman mentioned they have seen a slight decrease in the number of people requesting moving services but says for the month of March their demand was comparable to the same time last year.