Editors Note: Story has been updated to clarify that the medkits he is taking are for those staying in Ukraine.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A Wichita pastor is making a trip to Poland to hand out medical supplies to Ukrainian refugees in the upcoming days.

New Life Wichita founder Chad Pickering was introduced to this trip through his son, Josh. Josh told his father that he was making the trip. Since then, Chad says his son has been able to pack three planeloads of medical supplies.

When the invasion of Ukraine started, Pickering says one thought was continually going through his head.

“What it would be like to hug and kiss my wife and children and then send them off hoping that someone was going to make sure that they were safe and cared for.”

On top of his son’s supplies, Pickering is also making the final preparations to take additional medkits to Territorial Defense Force members and Ukrainian men staying behind to defend their homes.

He says the bandages and other supplies in the medkits are sorely needed.

“You’ve got men in Ukraine that are fighting to protect their homes and their country. Most of them aren’t soldiers, and especially right now, they’re just cut off from all of the supplies that they need. They said this is one of the number one things that they need to be able to treat wounds as quickly as possible.”

Pickering believes this wouldn’t have been possible without the church’s many donations.

“We’ve almost gotten $30,000 in donations just here in Wichita, and again 60 to 70 of these med kits that are like $60 apiece,” Pickering explained. “At this point, right now, we’re just gathering as many financial resources as people want to contribute.”

If you’d like to donate, you can click here. On the drop-down box, just change it from “General” to “Ukraine.” Pickering says 100% of the money donated will go directly to Ukrainians in need.

Pickering is going to be in Poland for 10 days handing out supplies. His son, Josh, will end up being there for more than three weeks, helping those in need.