WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — If you saw a bunch of mini-parades in downtown Wichita Friday morning, there was a good reason for it.

Wichita Public Schools (WPS) students were dropping off turkeys, food and donations they collected for United Methodist Open Door.

The drop-off at WaterWalk, 515 S. Main, sometimes turns into a fun competition between schools, seeing which one can be the most entertaining with bands and banners.

WPS posted more pictures and some of the many donations on its Twitter page. These are the schools mentioned:

  • Northeast Magnet donated $1,700
  • OK Elementary donated 1,288 side items
  • Pleasant Valley Middle School donated more than $4,000
  • Mayberry donated turkeys, money and more than $300
  • Anderson Elementary donated more than 500 side items
  • Caldwell Elementary donated 1,312 side items
  • Levy Special Education Center donated $100 and 695 side items
  • Robinson Middle School donated 260 side items
  • South High donated 1,800 side items, $1,850 and 26 turkeys
  • Black donated more than 1,600 side items
  • Washington Elementary donated 582 canned items
  • Clark Elementary donated $1,110, eight turkeys and 50 side items
  • Hamilton donated $1,200
  • Enterprise Elementary donated 710 canned items
  • Curtis Middle School donated $850, two turkeys and 46 side items
  • Bostic donated 1,175 cans of food
  • Horace Mann donated $1,550, three turkeys and 1,274 cans
  • Coleman Middle School donated $64 and 300 canned foods
  • Isely Traditional Magnet — unknown amount
  • Gordon Parks Academy — unknown amount
  • Kensler Elementary — unknown amount
  • Lawrence Elementary — unknown amount
  • Jackson Elementary donated 1,975 canned items
  • Woodland donated 12 turkeys and 790 side items
  • Southeast High — unknown amount
  • Truesdell donated $661
  • Stucky donated $250 and 561 side items
  • IST and Education Imagine Academy — unknown amount
  • Peterson Elementary donated 2,011 side items
  • Wilbur donated 606 turkeys and 549 side items
  • Benton donated 1,060 side items
  • Northwest High — unknown amount

“I think that is our favorite part about this day is to see how giving our student population is,” Loren Hatfield, WPS executive director of secondary schools, said. “They are giving to our community that is in need, and they give endlessly.”

The preliminary total amount given is nearly 400 turkeys, more than 42,000 side items and more than $30,000.

Last year, the students donated 441 turkeys, 47,965 side items, and $27,121.

“These kids are giving to their own community, and some of the kids we are collecting for our kids in our community,” Hatfield said. “Most of them are kids in our community.”

“So, it’s our families giving back to our families, and there is nothing better — seeing the generous heart that our community has, and it is just on display and always on days like this,” she said.

WPS had the donations delivered to Open Door, which will distribute the food to various organizations around Wichita.