WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita woman claims Wichita Animal Control isn’t doing enough to protect her family and pets from her neighbor’s dogs.

Juleigh Eckman and her two young boys love spending time outside their south Wichita home.

“Quiet, nice, kids are playing outside,” said Eckman.

That’s how Eckman would have described her neighborhood before mid-September when she said her neighbor’s dogs attacked her cat and bit her husband.

“I was on my way home from picking my son up from school and my husband had called me freaking out telling me I need to hurry up and get home, there was an emergency,” Eckman said. “My husband comes out, bleeding from the hand, telling me don’t worry about me, go inside and get the cat.”

Eckman said her family cat, Storm, was attacked by three of the neighbor’s dogs. She said Storm was sitting outside on the front porch when the Dachshunds escaped from their fenced yard and chased Storm into her house’s crawl space.

“My husband had to crawl underneath there. All three of them were on top of her. He had to physically, aggressively remove all three dogs off of my cat,” Eckman said.

Eckman’s husband suffered a bite wound to his left hand. Storm suffered bite wounds and scratches to the majority of her body. Because of her injuries, the cat may lose her tail.

“She goes back to El Paso once a week for vaccines, antibiotics shots and for them to clean her and keep her evaluated,” Eckman said.

Wichita Animal Control did respond to the attack. According to an animal control report, the officer on scene could not immediately get in contact with the owner of the dogs. The report states the officer left a rabies suspect notice on a vehicle outside the owner’s home.

Records state the owner of the dogs called animal control dispatch the day after the incident. The report said the owner told officers that her dogs will be confined within a smaller fenced in portion of her already fenced in yard.

That same animal control report also states officers did not go back out to the scene to make contact with the owner of the dogs until 13 days after the incident. Eckman claims they only arrived on scene to talk to the owner after she called them again to report that the dogs had escaped and tried to go after her 3-year-old son.

“Grabbed one of his shoelaces, managed to untie his shoe and he was freaking out,” Eckman said.

KSN reached out to Wichita Animal Control and the Wichita Police Department to find out the reason for the delayed response. No one would do an on-camera interview. Instead, a spokesperson released the following statement:

At this time we have issued citations for shot and license violations. The investigation into other allegations is pending.

“Animal control is to serve and protect and I don’t feel that they are serving or protecting,” Eckman said.

According to animal control records, the owner has four dogs. Two of them were not licensed nor were they up to date on their rabies vaccinations. The report states the owner pledged to get her dogs up to date on their vaccinations and licensing. She also told animal control officers she would be willing to pay for any vet bills for her neighbor.

No one was at the owner’s house when KSN went to get the owner’s side of the story.