Lesa Hiebert is an animal lover. They are a big part of her family. So, when she discovered so many dogs and cats were lost or left to fend for themselves, she opened her home to them.

If you spend anytime with Lesa, you can tell she has a special bond with animals. She loves dogs and cats too. She developed her passion for animals while watching television one day.

“I saw a news story about somebody’s dog being stolen, and it upset me to hear that, it upset me very bad,” said Hiebert.

After she saw that story she started a Facebook page, Wichita, Kansas Area Lost and Found Pets. Her mission was to foster local animals.

“It’s been quite a journey. We do get lots of pets back home,” said Hiebert.

She’s helped thousands of pets over the last seven years, giving them another chance.

Sometimes that involves getting help from the folks at Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection. 

“Pets get lost for various reasons, and if you love your pet and you can’t afford it, we try to to help you,” said Hiebert.

Not only does Lisa foster animals, her daytime job involves making sure they look their best to. She is a dog groomer in Wichita.

According Lisa, It is sometimes her love of dogs that ends up gaining her a new member of the family. Many of her foster animals now live at her home.

“Yeah, I’m a huge foster failure. I have two right now at my house and play with my other doggies, sleep in my bed.”

Apparently, her husband is okay adding all these animals to their family. 

“Thank God. He’s the best, he’s a gem,” said Hiebert.

Leisa says taking care of animals is her calling in life. She’s a Hometown Hero who is giving cats and dogs a second chance.  

“They actually saved me you know. I never really thought of myself as a hero. It’s hard not to look at them, at their cute faces, and look into their eyes and want to kiss them, they make your day better.” 

Lisa’s organization also offers resources on where to get pets spayed and neutered. Plus, where the public can adopt pets or get them trained. 

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