WICHITA, Kansas – The birth of a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but sadly, many couples will lose a child during delivery.

That is why, one stitch at a time, Teresa Golik is knitting a small cradle for a child she hopes families won’t ever need at Wichita’s Wesley Medical Center.

“I mostly think, well, I hope we don’t have to use them, unfortunately, in this world, you have to them,” said Teresa Golik, Bridget’s Cradle.

Teresa is a nurse, but she is also a mother. When her daughter Ashley lost her child, Bridget, who was born prematurely, it was a cradle that allowed the family to bond with the baby.

“Bridget was only 13 ounces, not even a pound. So, it as hard to feel the weight of her and be able to look at her, swallowed up in the blanket. And, so being in the cradle, it felt so much more personable. We could really bond and love on her and bring her up to our lips and give her a kiss, be able to pass her to our family members, who wanted to love on her and bond with her, in those moments we had,” said Ashley Opliger, Bridget’s mother.

Now, the family is helping others through their ministry, Bridget’s Cradles, by providing them to families who have lost a child.

“She lost a little baby girl. So, I came down and got a cradle and brought it up to her. She was tearful, and we were able to share our stories. So, that was very helpful,” said Teresa.

The family has relied heavily on their faith to help them heal, and they hope these simple creations will bring others peace too.

“We really feel like Bridget came to this earth for a purpose and God had a mission for her. So, we feel really just blessed to be able to serving and a small role for her life on earth,” Ashley said.

Teresa has no plans of slowing down. She looks to Bridget for her inspiration.

“I know we’ll see her in heaven, but I know she’s looking down, and hopefully, happy we can do something for the good of others,” Teresa added.

The family is looking for other knitters to help their cause.

For more information, you can visit their website by clicking here.