WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – On Wednesday, President Biden announced student loan debt forgiveness, and Wichitans have mixed feelings about the plan.

Some students at Wichita State University (WSU) shared they are excited about the news, saying they knew this was something President Biden promised when he ran in 2020.

But others are not as thrilled.

“Everyone is just kind of waiting to see if something is going to happen with that,” said WSU sophomore Nat Kuhn.

Now that it’s happening, many students are ready to see their loan payments go down or even disappear.

“It feels amazing. I need that off my back,” said WSU freshman Joshua Seawood.

“I have an older sister who is still paying off student loans from 10 years ago, so as someone who is about to get into all of that, I am excited for that,” Kuhn said.

But for some, it’s not as exciting. Saundra Brooks paid off $10,000 in student loans over five years.

“I feel like it’s an unfair deal. What about the people that had to work hard and pay their student bills off,” said Saundra Brooks.

Marc Nuessen has kids facing student loans, and he wishes the forgiveness was more needs-based.

“I don’t know that it should be so broad that the Government waives student loans for people that may have the ability to pay those loans back,” said Marc Nuessen.

Some are hoping this can open new opportunities for those wanting to go into higher education.

“Nowadays, it is really hard to get any sort of career outside of service work or anything like that without a degree,” said Kuhns.

But it is not known yet how long this forgiveness will last.

“There might be students that take on more debt than what they can pay back ultimately if they are planning on getting it waived. I think they need to make sure that is going to happen,” said Nuessen.

Since there are still some questions surrounding the announcement, some people said they are worried about this creating a false sense of security for students and those paying off their loans.