WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – On Monday, the Biden administration revealed that low-income households across the country will have access to high-speed internet at a lower price

Amanda Duncan from the Workforce Alliance of South-Central Kansas said over 40% of U.S. households will qualify.

“I think the more internet access that’s available and the more individuals who are using these services will increase the digital literacy of our entire community,” said Duncan.

Duncan mentioned that families who qualify for different types of government aid might be entitled to the Affordable Connectivity Program, but applications must be made individually.

“Everybody has to apply that is potentially eligible. It doesn’t just get added on to an existing, you know, qualifier,” continued Duncan. 

Ariel Rodriguez works for Empower, a nonprofit connecting Wichitans to much-needed resources.

“We see people coming into the community center right here. Young people, adults, seniors, really coming in to use the free internet and for us to be able to imagine a community where people can access that home 24/7 and really have the resources they need to succeed, that is super important,” said Rodriguez.

Both agree that internet access is vital in today’s world.

“We know it will open the door to a number of individuals being able to work remotely,” added Duncan.

“The potential is unlimited. As we see a student, they don’t have the boundaries of being able to access the internet to do homework. Thinking of a job seeker looking for employment. They’re not restricted to certain hours of a program that’s available to them,” concluded Rodriguez.

Those eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program get a discount on monthly internet service and a one-time discount to purchase a digital device such as a desktop computer.

To find out if you qualify and where you can apply, click here