WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — KSN News sent a questionnaire to each candidate facing a challenger in the November general election. We will update the profile when the candidate responds.

(Courtesy David Graham)

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Facebook: David Graham for Senate

What are the top three things you think deserve your immediate attention in Washington, and what action would you take on them, including how you’d compromise with members of the other party?

1) Reduce the size and scope of government.  E.g., eliminate the Department of Education, and the Department of Energy.

2) Institute criminal justice reform.  E.g., modify or abolish the federal criminal sentencing guidelines.

3) Create a smarter national defense.  E.g., make our strong national defense smarter by abolishing use of the pseudo-scientific polygraph for security clearances.

I’m willing to work with members of all parties to accomplish these goals.

What should be done to fight inflation and fix the country’s economy?

Reduce government spending!

Share your thoughts on abortion rights and restrictions.

I am for life!  I have been endorsed by the Pro-Life Libertarian Caucus.  I oppose terminating the life of an unborn child unless the mother’s life is in danger.  Most Americans favor reasonable restrictions on abortion.

What needs to be done about health care?

The government needs to get out of health care!  The free market is the best way to get the best care to the most people for the least amount of money.

Do you think we need immigration reform, and what changes would you support?

I support enforcement of current immigration laws.  I oppose allowing massive, illegal immigration.

What are your thoughts on election integrity in Kansas? Across the United States? Would you change the election process, and how?

Election integrity is central to the premise of our government: consent of the governed.  I believe voters should use paper ballots which are counted in the open.

Where do you stand on LGBTQ issues and rights?

I favor the same rights for all individuals.  Government should not be biased for or prejudiced against any group or anyone because of a group s/he may belong to.

Share your stance on gun control/Second Amendment rights.

I oppose gun control laws.

What are your thoughts on climate change? What should Congress do about it, if anything?

Climate change has occurred since the Earth was formed.  Climate change should not be used to justify more, bigger government.  Congress, if it does anything, should give tax incentives to private companies and individuals to develop renewable energy and other green technology.