WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — KSN News sent a questionnaire to each candidate facing a challenger in the November general election. We have not made any edits to the candidate’s answers.

Biographical Information:

Jalon Britton

Awaiting the candidate’s response.

Campaign website/Facebook/Social Media:

Facebook: Jalon for Kansas
Twitter: @Jalon4kansas

What do you think should be done to help Kansans dealing with high costs?

We should keep funding these programs that are helping everyday Kansans with food, energy, and other financial assistance. We are still living in a covid infested world. Kansans’ families deserve food on their table and clothes on their backs. We must decrease the food sales tax here in Kansas and continue push legislation that helps more than divide.

Share your thoughts on abortion rights and restrictions.

Women’s right to choose is still under assault across this state and country. We must continue the fight to protect that fundamental right. The momentum from August must continue across this state. The access to safe and legal abortions is not something that is, or ever should be, up for debate.

Do you think KanCare should be expanded? Why or why not?

We pay taxes in other states that have expanded Medicaid already. Over 150,000 Kansans could become eligible for health insurance if we expand KanCare. Expanding it will also bring 4000 more jobs and make rural hospitals financially stable.

What is your stance on the legalization of medical marijuana? Recreational marijuana?

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana should have been passed in this state already.

Marijuana legalization boosts the economy.

Share your thoughts about transgender athletes in sports.

Banning transgenders athletes should not be a priority in Kansas right now. We have had less than 3 transgender athletes that have competed at a high level in the last 6 years. Hatred against our children needs to stop.

What are your thoughts on election integrity in Kansas? Across the United States? Would you change the election process and how?

Are elections are not perfect but they are the best in this country when it comes to integrity and fairness. Voter intimidation must be put to a stop in the sate of Kansas and this country.

What are the issues you would address for farmers and ranchers?

We Need is science based data-driven farm ag-generated for them to their job. We recently got the USMCA passed because it was necessary for farmers. My willingness to to work on both sides of the aisle will help Famers and ranchers technology to move more and more towards the 21st century.

What are the key education issues in Kansas for K-12? For universities?

We need to fully fund special education. School districts are required by law to fund special education. The Legislature by refusing to fully fund these programs, cause school districts to cut positions, like nurses and librarians, and programs that would benefit all children. The state of Kansas has a budget surplus and it needs to be funded.

What do you think needs to be done to promote social and racial justice?

We must continue to reform our criminal justice system. We must continue to partner with WPD, individuals, organizations, and businesses through racial injustice training.