WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — KSN News sent a questionnaire to each candidate facing a challenger in the November general election. We have not made any edits to the candidate’s answers.

(Courtesy John McIntosh)

Biographical Information:

I am semi retired from selling building materials, and am currently doing marketing for a small business located in Derby. I spent 6yrs. on the Derby City Council as well as 6yrs. on the Board of Directors of the Derby Public Library, 3yrs. as the Chair of the Sedgwick County Association of Cities. I’ve been married for 36 yrs. and have 3 children and 2 granddaughters.

Campaign website/Facebook/Social Media:


What do you think should be done to help residents dealing with high costs?

As the county we must make sure we are controlling our spending on projects, as well as making sure the county employees are being properly compensated.

What can be done to improve the local economy?

The county needs to keep pushing forward on bringing new businesses to the area as well as working with current business that want to expand. Affordable and senior housing are an area the county needs work harder on to help ease the burden on growing cost to our residents.

What are your thoughts on Wichita’s decriminalizing marijuana and its effect on the County? 

I think the action Wichita took was the right move. I will work with the state agencies to make sure the county is not adversely effected by the decision.

What do you want to see done regarding:

  • Mental health issues in the community?

The county needs to make sure we are fully funding all programs we have to help get this under control. Pressure needs to be put on the state to bring a regional mental hospital to the area.

  • Fentanyl? Drug addiction?

Education and working with our law enforcement professionals to help save lives instead of just putting the individuals in jail.

  • Homelessness?

Working with our cities in the county to make sure we have the correct programs in place to help the individuals affected.

What are your thoughts on:

  • Sedgwick County law enforcement?

Law enforcement is a constant changing profession. More emphasis needs to be placed on dealing with the mental health of the people they are dealing with. As a county commissioner I will fight hard to make sure the compensation is where it needs to be so we can have a fully staffed department.

  • The jail?

Making sure the compensation is where it needs to be so we can be fully staffed and support the employees on this very difficult job.

  • Juvenile detention?

We need to make sure we have the proper people, with the proper training, in place to handle our juveniles. Again pay is one of the biggest issues we are facing on keeping the departments fully staffed.

What are your thoughts on election integrity in Sedgwick County? Across the United States? Would you change the election process, and how?

I have not heard of any issues with the election process in Sedgwick county.

What do you consider to be the biggest issues facing Sedgwick County, and how would you address them?

Lack of maintaining the proper pay and concern for the county employees has been an ongoing problem. The current leadership should have never let it get to the level it is currently. The unprofessional attitude that the commissioners have towards each other does not allow them to focus on the hard work that needs to be done. Showboating, bullying, and no respect to others has caused a culture in the county that is going to take a lot of work to fix. It is time for a change in leadership.

Issues like Mental Health, staffing, and drugs are specific areas that need tough conversations and fresh ideas to fix. We need to look at other communities as well as talk with the professionals to find solid strong solutions.