WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — KSN News sent a questionnaire to each candidate facing a challenger in the November general election. The candidate has supplied some of the requested information. We are awaiting answers for the rest of the profile.

Biographical Information:

(Courtesy Silas John Miller)

Silas Miller is a product of Wichita Public Schools and a USMC Veteran. After serving our Nation, Silas chose to return to Wichita to pursue a cosmetology and barbering education career. Silas and his wife, Bailey, are proud residents of the East Front Neighborhood. Silas is running for the Kansas House to bring energy and creativity to our state government. The status quo isn’t working for Kansas families. In the Kansas House, Silas is determined to expand Medicaid, support job training and workforce development, and legalize cannabis.

Campaign website/Facebook/Social Media:

Facebook: Silas Miller For Kansas
Twitter: @silasjmiller
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What do you think should be done to help Kansans dealing with high costs?

The increasing cost of living is impacting every family right now. As State Representative, I’ll push legislation designed to put more money back in your pocket. Kansas currently has a billion dollar budget surplus and I am the only candidate in my race to support returning that surplus to taxpayers. I also support the immediate elimination of the sales tax on groceries. I will also focus on creating more affordable housing options and providing property tax relief to homeowners.

Share your thoughts on abortion rights and restrictions.

The voters of Kansas made it clear on August 2 that they are sick of abortion politics getting in the way of legislation that would actually help people. I think it’s past time that the Legislature stops spending 88 days of their 90 day calendar on social issues and gets focused on returning the surplus to Kansas taxpayers and improving our economy with good jobs and strong schools.

Do you think KanCare should be expanded? Why or why not?

Kansas must expand Medicaid and Kancare so that we can address the growing mental health and substance abuse epidemic. Right now, if someone doesn’t have insurance, they can’t get the help they need to get better. Businesses everywhere are looking for workers, and we have to get folks the help they need quickly so they can get back into the workforce and provide for their families.

What is your stance on the legalization of medical marijuana? Recreational marijuana?

Every state around us has decriminalized marijuana in one way or another. Our state is missing out on critical tax revenue and harming people suffering with pain or seizures that need THC for medicine. Our laws in Kansas are bad for farmers who would profit from hemp if the regulations weren’t unnecessarily burdensome. It’s past time to stop our Reefer Madness approach to Marijuana in Kansas, it’s costing us money.

Share your thoughts about transgender athletes in sports.

Middle school and high school are hard enough without inserting politics into school sports and athletics. We should be focusing on sports being a time to build confidence and learn cooperation and mentorship, not causing unnecessary embarrassment and drama for student athletes and their families. These are private issues best left to parents and families, and schools and government shouldn’t be involved.

What are your thoughts on election integrity in Kansas? Across the United States? Would you change the election process and how?

I think that our elections are secure and accurate. However, I think the election offices are often understaffed and that makes it more difficult for people to vote. I would support legislation that makes it easier for people to vote, including more funding for our election offices to ensure they all have proper staff and reliable equipment. The lines I witnessed at polling places in my district during the primary should not be commonplace, because it disenfranchises voters.

What are the issues you would address for farmers and ranchers?

Our regulations for growing hemp crops are so restrictive that it’s not worth it for most farmers to grow it, because if it’s a little too strong, they have to burn the whole crop. Growing industrial hemp could help many farmers produce revenue even in hard years, and I believe we should make it easier for our farmers to make money. I would also support laws to protect the right to repair, so that farmers who work on their own equipment are able to do so without voiding their warranty. If someone has a skill, they should not be penalized for having the ability to work on their own equipment.

What are the key education issues in Kansas for K-12? For universities?

Providing a quality education to Kansas kids is the number one job of the state government. No matter who your parents are or where you are born, every Kansas kid deserves the opportunity for an equitable education. Strong schools result in a strong economy. Our public schools are training the next generation of our workforce and we must take that responsibility seriously. For many families, private school is not an option so public school must work. We can’t return to underfunding our schools as Brownback did if we want a strong economy in Kansas.

What do you think needs to be done to promote social and racial justice?

Education is the top job of our state legislature and I think the first step to social and racial justice is to ensure that every kid in Kansas has access to a quality education no matter where they’re from or who their parents are. It’s also important that we look at our laws that are unfairly targeting lower income and people of color, such as suspended drivers license laws and come up with solutions that allow people equal opportunity to achieve economic success. We can also promote social and racial justice by funding programs for job training outside of college so students don’t have to take on debt to have a career. As someone who went to a trade school, I will always advocate to increase opportunities for on the job training so you can earn money while gaining new skills.