WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – All eyes are on Kansas as the Sunflower State voters are the first to cast ballots on the issue of abortion (Value Them Both constitutional amendment) after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade.

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd joined KSN Anchor Eddie Randle for questions on our noon newscast.

Question: From your perspective, what is the significance of this vote for us?

Chuck Todd, “Meet the Press” host: “Well, I think the significance is, is to me, if the no either wins or just comes close, because think about this ballot measure was designed to essentially, you know, the Republicans in the legislature wanted it on the August primary, not in the November primary, to have a smaller electorate, to have a more conservative electorate decide this issue rather than have a broader perhaps more moderate electorate decided.

“So you know, you look at it if you’re a registered independent, and you’re not, you’re not involved in either, you don’t care who’s the Democratic nominee or the Republican nominee of a given race. Usually, you don’t have every reason to come out during a primary.

“This being on the ballot, this means that there are voters that may only come out to vote on one thing, and it’s usually very hard to get them to do that.

“Now, I think the overturn of Roe v. Wade made this obviously, gave this a lot more attention. A lot more money’s been thrown at this.

“So you know, I look at it — anything 45% or more for the no side to me, I think shows you in a state like Kansas, that if essentially the abortion rights side of this issue, those pro-abortion rights side of this issue can get 45% or more on an August Tuesday in red-leaning Kansas, I think this tells you this issue could be lethal to the GOP in November when there’s a broader electorate.”

Question: Do you believe Kansas is setting the tone for what we’ll start seeing in other states?

Chuck Todd, “Meet the Press” host: “I tell you this, if the no wins, I think, or it just comes, I think you will see more, more of the Democratic spending go behind this issue, more of them believing this is the way to essentially counter the Biden economic referendum issue positioning that Republicans have been using and posturing on all levels.

“You know, already Democrats have believed that, you can see it in polling, that the overturn of Roe v. Wade has gotten, sort of woken up their voters to get more active and to get more involved, and we’ve seen it come up financially.

“If this is proven at the ballot box in Kansas, then all of a sudden, I think you’re going to have a lot of Republican elected officials start to, start to get nervous about these absolute, absolutist pieces of legislation that are circulating in some of these states that call for abortion bans with no exceptions or very limited exceptions and no time to actually get one if somebody believes that they need to have one. So I think it could alter the debate in every state in the union if the no side wins this today.”