TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) – Record numbers of Kansans are advance voting this election season, and according to the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, Democrats are leading in numbers of returned ballots.

More than 77,000 Kansans and counting have successfully cast their votes this year. That’s at least 25,000 more votes cast than any previous year at this time. So far, more than 480,000 ballots have been mailed. That’s almost three times the number of ballots sent out in 2016. And more than 46,000 ballots have been returned by mail or dropped off. This is more than double the number of returned ballots for 2016.

Democrats are leading in numbers of returned ballots with more than 25,000 returned, while Republicans take the lead for in-person voters with more than 17,000.

If you have not received your mail-in ballot by Thursday, officials said you can contact your local office to follow up. The last day to apply for an advanced ballot is October 27.

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