TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Kansas’s latest campaign finance reports show that Democrats in top statewide races have outraised their Republican challengers by wide margins.

In the race for Kansas Governor, democratic incumbent Laura Kelly has raised about $3.1 million. That’s almost double what her Republican opponent Derek Schmidt has raised, which is about $1.7 million.

Bob Beatty, a political analyst in the state’s Capital, said this might hint at how much Democrats will need to stay competitive in a Republican-leaning state. 

“Even though Derek Schmidt didn’t raise as much money as Laura Kelly, he’s gotten a lot of help from outside groups to the tune of double-digit millions of dollars,” Beatty said. “So, that helps make it a little more of an even playing field.”

The state’s Attorney General race has also become a heated battle between notable Republican figure Kris Kobach and Democrat Chris Mann. According to the latest filings, Mann has raised nearly twice as much as his Republican rival, raking in $925,025. Kobach raised $465,018.

While Mann is new to the political scene, Kobach has already competed in major races in the past. 

“Chris Mann had to raise money because nobody knew who he was. Kris Kobach, everybody knows who he is,” Beatty said. “Chris Mann raised enough money to get his name out there.”

Based on September polling results from Emerson College Polling/The Hill, both the Attorney General race and the Race for Kansas Governor are expected to be tight, with top competitors holding a narrow lead. 

A new poll featuring the latest results and a look at where voters stand on key issues will be released Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 6 a.m.