DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Dodge City voters will once again decide whether or not to approve a one-half percent sales tax increase, but this time the deal has changed since it was last on the ballot.

The first time it was on the ballot was about two years ago.

This time around, this increase has no end date, but it does have property tax relief.

City commissioners promised if this increase passes, they will lower the mill levy by four mills in the 2024 budget year.

The money would be dedicated to street improvements.

“We are looking at potential funding of about two and a half to three million dollars per year of being available for street improvements with about two and a half million going directly to residential streets only, and so that way we can definitely make a significant contribution in a lot of the deferred maintenance we have on our roadways,” said Nick Hernandez, Dodge City City manager.

Hernandez said this would help focus on residential roads that have not been kept up as much as other main streets.