WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – An Emerson College Polling survey was released on the state of politics in Kansas on Thursday.

The poll found that in Kansas, Trump holds a 16-point lead, 47% to 31%, over Biden in a potential 2024 United States presidential election matchup. Of those polled, 16% plan to vote for someone else, and 6% are undecided.

“In Kansas, Trump leads across all educational levels, except among voters who have a postgraduate degree. These voters break for Biden, 51% to 33%,” Spencer Kimball, Emerson College Polling executive director, said. “Trump leads Biden by 12 points among women, 44% to 32%, whereas his lead nearly doubles to 21 points among men, where he leads 50% to 29%.”

The poll also found that President Biden has 27% job approval in the state, while 58% disapprove of the job he is doing.

Meanwhile, Gov. Laura Kelly holds a 39% approval rating, while 30% disapprove of the job she is doing, and 31% are neutral. 

“Governor Kelly’s approval is the highest among those with postgraduate degrees, at 60%,” Kimball noted. “A majority of Democrats, 67%, and a plurality of independents, 45%, approve of Kelly, while a plurality of Republicans, 47%, disapprove of the job she is doing.”

To see the poll results, click here.

The Emerson College Polling Kansas poll was conducted October 1-4. The credibility interval, similar to a margin of error, is +/- 4.2 percentage points. The sample consisted of 487 Kansas voters.