INMAN, Kan. (KSNW) – A $5 million bond to update the sports complex in Inman was scheduled to be voted on Tuesday night. If passed, the track, football field, softball/baseball field, and their drainage system would get a makeover.

With a vote of 377 to 379, the bond has failed. However, there are still 14 provisional and 2 walk-ins that still need to be investigated before the final results on May 9.

According to school officials, these improvements to the town are essential. It has been over 10 years since there has been a track meet due to the track being in disarray.

Inman Jr./Sr. High School’s Athletic Director Russ Goering says that not only is it important for the school, but it’s important to bring people and money back to the community.

“Our softball field doesn’t have any lights, and we have had to not this year, but in the past, we have had a couple of times we have had to cancel games because of darkness,” said Goering. “If we have good facilities and our kids keep working hard and people keep bringing their kids to Inman, why we will have a school and a community.”

This $5 million bond would include a 15-year financial plan. Meaning that taxpayers would only see a slight increase every month:

  • The average homeowner would pay an additional $5 each month
  • Farmers would pay an additional $6 extra each month
  • Business owners would pay an additional $10 each month

“They deserve better than what we have right now. So we are excited about the prospect of getting new facilities,” said Inman Public Schools Superintendent Scott Friesen.

To find out more information about the bond, click here.