TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) – The November general election is around the corner and the advocacy group Kansas Action for Children wants to make sure Kansans are prepared to cast their vote.

For many Kansans, the coronavirus pandemic has shined a light on the need for more resources for children in the state. Kansas Action for Children (KAC) put out a 2020 voter guide that focuses on those issues important for kids. The guide is broken up into three sections: education, health, and family supports. Each section includes facts and statistics specific to Kansas and the United States. It also includes potential actions that could be taken by Kansas lawmakers to make changes for child care and well-being in the state.

“Kids are our future. Kids are the one impacted the most by policy choices; either choices that we actively make or choices that we ignore,” explained John Wilson, President of Kansas Action for Children. “We think it’s important to educate Kansans about the questions they should be asking candidates.”

The November election isn’t just deciding the next president, all 40 Kansas Senate and 125 House seats are up for election. In the voter guide, KAC included specific questions voters can ask candidates.

Courtesy Kansas Action for Children 2020 Voter Guide

“It’s the stuff at the state and local levels that have some of the most direct impact on our lives. So we want to make sure that people feel comfortable asking those questions,” said Wilson.

Candidates often have social media accounts or websites that are open for questions. Wilson recommends reaching out to the candidates running in your district.

The 2020 KAC Voter Guide is available in both English and Spanish versions.