WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — If you get a text message about where to vote, Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab says it may be wrong. He says the text messages that a lot of people are getting did not come from his office.

Several viewers contacted us about the suspicious texts, including Sedgwick County voter Carla Thompson, who sent us a picture of the text. She says it had her correct home address but the wrong polling place:

(Courtesy: Carla Thompson)

“It was strange because the voting location that they sent me along with the picture wasn’t the voting location I went to last time,” said Thompson.

Josh Purdy, another Sedgwick County voter, said he received two text messages.

“They both gave me my correct home address, but then the voting location was like 20 minutes away,” said Purdy.

Secretary of State Scott Schwab says the texts appear to be from an out-of-state organization called Voting Futures.

“Voters should be on high alert for these messages,” Schwab said. “The Secretary of State’s Office does not use third parties to contact voters or share election information on our behalf. State and local election officials are the trusted sources for election information, and I encourage voters to contact our office or their county election office for assistance.”

Both Purdy and Thompson decided to double-check their polling location through the official Secretary of State election website.

“I didn’t think mine changed, and I looked, and mine hadn’t changed,” said Purdy.

Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Angela Caudillo said her office was also contacted about the polling place mistakes in texts.

“We have been contacted about some individuals receiving some text messages from sources giving some election info,” Caudillo said. “We know at least one case a voter received incorrect information.”

Caudillo said her office is not sending voters any text messages regarding the election.

Some voters who got a text from Voting Futures got this second text Monday afternoon.

By late Monday afternoon, some of the people who contacted us about the texts said they got another text from Voting Futures.

The new text said that the previous text’s “information may not have been correct.”

The new text also includes a link to the Kansas Secretary of State’s website.

While not everyone received a text with incorrect information, it’s important to confirm the information.

“We encourage any voter that is receiving that text to go get their information from trusted sources,” Caudillo said. “You can get that from our website and the secretary of state’s website. Make sure to bring your ID when voting.”

To learn more about voting in Sedgwick County, click on the resources below:

Schwab said voters could also call the elections division at 785-296-4561 if they have questions or require more information.