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Kansas Statewide Results | Interactive: National Balance of Power

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Kansas voters have decided to retain all six of the seven Kansas Supreme Court justices who were on the general election ballot Tuesday. In past elections, Kansas voters have always retained the justices. But this year, some people thought that could change.

What was new this time was the controversy that arose over the Kansas Supreme Court’s 6-1 decision in 2019 that protected abortion rights. Justices Dan Biles and Marla Luckert decided in favor of abortion rights. Justice Caleb Stegall was the one justice who dissented.

The other three justices, appointed after the 2019 decision, were appointed by Governor Laura Kelly, who has consistently supported abortion rights. They are Justices Melissa Taylor Standridge, K.J. Wall, and Evelyn Wilson.