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WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) -- Steven Johnson has won the race for Kansas treasurer, defeating incumbent Lynn Rogers.

(Photos courtesy the candidates)

Johnson is a Republican state representative who got a head start on campaign commercials. While Rogers did not have an opponent in the August primary, Johnson did. He faced a tough race against Republican State Senator Caryn Tyson. The primary race was close, but Johnson won.

Rogers, a Democrat, had been Governor Laura Kelly's lieutenant governor until Kelly asked him to take over as state treasurer. He replaced Treasurer Jake LaTurner who was elected to Congress.

He posted a message on social media Wednesday afternoon, thanking his supporters, campaign workers, and his family.

"I'm OK," he wrote. "After all, as a banker, I lost a lot of deals over the years. You pick up yourself up, dust yourself off and start a new day. My job has never been my identity. As a kid who grew up on a hog farm, these last few years have been pretty heady. In whatever position I hold, my focus is to help Kansans in their regular lives."

Rogers offered his congratulations to Johnson and said he will work with Johnson to transition the office. Click here for Rogers' full statement.

The Kansas Democratic Party Chair, Vicki Hiatt, released the following statement on the outcome of the Kansas State Treasurer election.      

“A former banker, school board member, and a committed public servant, Lynn Rogers has served Kansas well as our Treasurer these last few years. While this isn’t the outcome any of us had hoped, we thank him for his service to Kansas as an honest and prudent steward of taxpayer dollars.”

The third candidate for treasurer was Libertarian Steve Roberts, a retired engineer who served eight years on the Kansas State Board of Education.