KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF) – The 2022 November election is just three weeks away, and Kansans have just hours left to register to vote.

The state’s deadline to register for the general election is Oct. 18.

Residents can register to vote online. A valid Kansas driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card is required. Without one of those forms of ID, Kansas residents must register using a paper application.

Kansans can also register to vote in person at their county election office, the Secretary of State’s Office, or at their local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Once you submit your voter registration application, your local county election office will notify you.

You must re-register every time you change your name, address or party affiliation for voting, according to the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office.

Not sure if you’re registered or if the information is up-to-date? You can check your voter registration online here.

One day after the registration deadline, advance voting will begin in Kansas for the general election.

Kansas counties can open advance voting up to 20 days before Election Day, but they don’t have to start early voting precisely on Oct. 19.

Early voting dates and locations vary by county, but every Kansas county is required to allow residents to cast their ballot ahead of time in person or by mail.

If you choose to vote by mail in Kansas, you’ll have to apply to have a ballot sent to you. Make sure you make that request by Nov. 1, one week before the election.