TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Kansas Democrats are preparing for a ‘fight’ to overturn the Republican supermajority in next year’s election. 

The party is closing the gap on the Republican supermajority in the House after last year’s election. Kansas Democratic Party Chair Jeanna Repass spoke about what to expect in 2024, which includes targeting moderate voters.

“You are going to see a fight,” Repass said. “You are going to see us taking it to the people of Kansas.”

Democrats and Republicans have butt heads on abortion rights, marijuana reform and Medicaid expansion this past year. 

Repass said that those are also issues Democrats will not compromise on. 

“Medicaid expansion matters, medical marijuana matters, school safety is another issue that matters,” she said. “These are all things that have encouraged us this year. If you poll many of those issues, they are greater than 60% issues. So, if more than 60% of Kansans are saying these are the things that we value, and we want, but then you’ve got the Republican Party voting against those things, we’re here to say ‘come join us!’”

Medicaid expansion and marijuana are two issues that have been stalled in the Republican-controlled Legislature. 

Instead, Republicans moved forward with legislation enforcing restrictions on abortion. That’s after nearly 60% of Kansas voters voted to uphold abortion rights in last year’s primary election. 

“There are some moderate Republicans who are not happy with the direction of their party, and listen, we all get disenfranchised sometimes. I’m not always going to make everyone happy, but we believe that we are a place where the moderate voices can land, to have an impact, to feel welcome, and to do what we all believe is best for Kansas,” Repass said.