WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Sedgwick County Election Office says some rural voters will get paper ballots when they go to their polling place on Tuesday.

On Friday, the election office learned that some Garden Plain and Colwich city races were mistakenly included on the ballots of rural people who do not live in those towns. Rural voters are not supposed to vote in city races.

Sedgwick County said approximately 375 voters had already cast ballots in the Garden Plain and Colwich area.

The election office said it could be a problem in the Colwich City Council race, where five people are running for two open seats.

However, it may not be a problem for the Garden Plain City Council and the Colwich Mayor races because those candidates are running unopposed.

Monday afternoon, Sedgwick County said the election office came up with a solution for Tuesday. Voters in the Garden Plain and Colwich areas will go to their usual polling places and check in as usual.

But, if they are a rural voter, they will be given a special full-page paper ballot with the word “rural” at the top. The paper ballot will not have the city races on it.

The County said that Colwich and Garden Plain city officials are aware of the situation and have worked with the County on the situation.