TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) — A lot of Kansans are getting their voting done before the Aug. 2 primary election. Since advance ballots went in the mail on July 13 and early in-person voting started 10 days ago, 163,562 Kansans have cast ballots.

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office provided the update at noon Thursday.

Of the people who have voted so far:

  • 67,200 are registered as Democrat
  • 73,011 are registered as Republican
  • 772 are registered as Libertarian
  • 22,579 are unregistered

A primary election is usually a chance for Republicans and Democrats to narrow down the list of candidates before the general election.

But all registered Kansas voters can vote in this primary because the Value Them Both constitutional amendment is on the ballot. The amendment may be the only item on the ballot for people who are not registered as a Democrat or a Republican.

If you requested an advance ballot but change your mind and want to vote in person, you will be given a provisional ballot. It is a way to make sure you only vote once.

To find your election day polling place, visit the VoterView website.