WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A boost in voters. The Sedgwick County Election Commissioner said more people are registered to vote in the August primary than in 2020. Officials said the big issue of abortion is likely the reason why.

In this primary, not only will Democrats and Republicans be able to vote, but also those unaffiliated or a part of a third party. This is all because of the Value Them Both amendment that will be on every ballot.

“Typically, elections like this run about 20-30% turnout. We’re expecting potentially 50% turn out, but we’re preparing for 65% turnout because we want voters to have a good experience,” said Angela Caudillo, the Sedgwick County Election Commissioner.

An expected 30% increase in voters will be hitting the polls. Caudillo said that since Friday morning, 2,500 people in Sedgwick County have registered to vote electronically.

“We are currently at a little over 324,000 voters, which is more than we were at for the 2020 general election,” said Caudillo.

The League of Women Voters Wichita — Metro Voter Service co-chair, Carole Neal, said they are happy to see this boost in interest in this upcoming primary.

“Whenever we have [a] good turnout, especially for important issues, it is wonderful. You know, we believe that every vote counts, and to have your voice heard, you have to vote,” said Neal.

With the increasing number of voters, the election commissioner said they will need more election workers. With over 50 spots left to fill, Sedgwick County Commissioner Pete Meitzner said he hopes more people will be interested in helping out.

“I think Angela is going to be able to get enough people to work the polls. I sure hope so, but we will be pushing for that,” said Meitzner.

July 12 is the last day people can register to vote in the primary election, and voters will be able to either vote in person, cast early in person, or request a mail-in ballot. If you would like to sign up to be an election worker, click here.

To find out if you are registered to vote, click here. To register, click here.