MCPHERSON, Kan. (KSNW) – The votes are in, but some are being counted again because the race for republican state treasurer is too close to call. The difference, as of 5 p.m. on Friday, is less than 400 votes.

All counties across Kansas are now hand-counting some of those votes because of a new law that went into effect this year:

2022 Session Laws of Kansas Volume 3, page 1404, Section 8 of Chapter 87 (Courtesy: State Library of Kansas)

While many candidates have been able to begin their plans for the general election, it is still a waiting game for republicans Steven Johnson and Caryn Tyson. The race is so close it has triggered a provision that every Kansas county must hand count an additional 10% of their precincts.

Election workers in McPherson spent Friday morning looking over each vote for five of their precincts.

“To make sure the count was accurate and there were no mistakes made or [on] purpose mistakes,” said Election worker Cheryl Stieben.

On top of the republican treasurer race, the county is also looking over one federal race, two statewide races and a county race.

“When we were leaving Tuesday night, it was 1:30 in the morning. So we were very tired, and we put everything in the right pile … I hope so, but you know if not, we’ll catch it in the audit at least,” said Hollie Melroy, the McPherson County Clerk.

State Representative Steven Johnson said he has been keeping a close look on the audit as he hopes to hear some good news after waiting more than three days.

“Every voter will matter in this race. Another one of those cases where that happens to come out. Not the most fun to be in but appreciate all of the voters, and we appreciate everyone working so hard to make sure that count is right,” said Representative Steven Johnson, Republican candidate for state treasurer.

Johnson said he hopes to hear word if he will move onto the general election by next week. We also reached out to Senator Tyson but have not heard back.