WICHITA Kan. (KSNW) – Early voting continued on Tuesday at the old Sedgwick County Courthouse and the so-called mega-site of Intrust Arena.

“So, we feel like it’s going well,” said Sedgwick County Deputy Election Commissioner Melissa Schnieders. “We likely will have a record turnout this year.”

KSN political analyst Jeff Jarman says the expectation for record voter turnout this election is not a surprise.

“Voter turnout has been climbing in most elections over the last several decades. The era with 50-percent turnout has been behind us for some time,” said Jarman.

Jarman adds with a presidential race there is even more interest.

Schnieders said from Monday at 10 in the morning to early Tuesday afternoon more than 2,700 had already cast their early votes.

Schneiders also said they still have roughly 10,000 registrations to get into the system, because so many people registered to vote recently.

“We are getting caught up adding those, and we think we will have them added and into the system by the weekend,” said Schnieders.

The deputy election commissioner also said you can still vote if you are not yet in the system after registering to vote recently. Schnieders says it make take a few minutes longer for someone to manually enter you into the system on-site, but you can still vote.