Which wireless gaming mouse is best?

A wireless gaming mouse provides an adaptable, clean look to your gaming setup while also serving a vital function in gaming activities. There are two main options for a gaming mouse, wired and wireless. Wireless equipment is generally more expensive, but you get what you pay for most of the time. 

If you need a gaming mouse that adapts to your personal gaming needs, it can take some work to find the right option for you. Our top choice is the Razer Naga Pro because it is a modular, customizable wireless mouse with tons of programmable buttons and a high-speed, accurate sensor. 

What to know before you buy a wireless gaming mouse

What kinds of games do you play?

There are many genres and titles of games. Likewise, there are vast gaming mouses to suit different needs. Some have programmable button layouts optimized for MOBA or MMO titles. Others have super fast or accurate inputs to help your shots in an FPS game hit their mark. Depending on the type of games you enjoy, be sure to look for a wireless gaming mouse that is optimized to fulfill your needs and improve your gaming experience.

Are you a PC gamer or a console gamer?

Generally, if you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse, you are probably a PC user. But console gamers can use a gaming mouse too. A mouse is more accurate for aiming than a controller stick, which has limited range and dead zones. Of course, you will need to be sure that the games you play on the console are compatible with a mouse before you can just plug and play.

If you are an experienced PC gamer, you probably know a bit about what you are looking for already. New PC gamers or people considering switching might need to spend some time practicing and getting comfortable aiming or using a mouse. The benefits of using a gaming mouse are worth it, though.

Wireless mouse vs. wired mouse

Some people prefer wired over wireless and vice-versa. If you do not like wires potentially getting in the way, a wireless mouse is the way to go. If input lag is a big concern for you, getting a wired mouse will be the safer bet. 

There are wireless gaming mouse products that do not have issues with input speeds, but you need to understand that a very high-speed, precise piece of equipment will cost you more money. If you are highly competitive or planning to participate in esports, investing in a high-quality gaming mouse will be money well-spent.

What to look for in a quality wireless gaming mouse

There are lots of other companies that produce gaming mouse products. But within the product lines of established tech brands, even across different price points for various budgets and needs, the gaming gear maintains a certain degree of quality.

Less input lag

The best wireless gaming mouse has the least amount of input lag possible. When using a wireless device, the unfortunate fact is that exact one-to-one responses from a computer are not an option. However, it is possible to make inputs so lightning-quick that we cannot even tell the difference, and that is exactly what you want in a gaming mouse. If you make split-second decisions in a fast-paced game, you cannot afford to wait a long time for a slow mouse to respond to your finger.

Comfort and size

A good quality wireless gaming mouse will not just have an ergonomic grip. It will be comfortable for you personally. If you are left-handed, be sure to find a comfortable gaming mouse for your left hand. Not everyone has the same size hands, so make sure your mouse fits comfortably in your palm. Remember that long periods of gaming could cause damage to your hand if you are using a mouse that is not right for you. It would be better to invest a little more in a gaming mouse that is comfortable and safe for you to use than struggle with ill-fitting equipment that would cause medical issues later on. 


Some gaming mouse products allow for significant personalization and customization. The adaptability of a mouse is something to look out for, whether that is just visual changes in colorful lighting or functional changes like programmable buttons, adjustable internal weights and modular components that can swap out to provide completely new button layouts. An excellent wireless gaming mouse will offer more than just left-click and right-click, providing its user with a customized device and a competitive gaming edge.

How much you can expect to spend on a wireless gaming mouse

You can find inexpensive wireless gaming mouse products for $15-$30 for a functional gaming tool. A high-quality gaming mouse would go for $50 and up, with wireless tech usually being a bit more pricey. 

Wireless gaming mouse FAQ

Does my gaming mouse’s DPI matter?

A. The DPI of a mouse is a way to measure how sensitive your mouse is for detecting a change in movement. Higher DPI equals higher sensitivity in your mouse. However, you can change OS input sensitivity levels or in-game settings to change your sensitivity as well. The level of actual performance improvement that a user would see in higher DPI depends on the individual. You do not necessarily need a mouse with the highest DPI possible. Consider what types of games you play, your skill level, and try adjusting existing settings before seeking a mouse with a higher DPI.

Is a wired mouse better than a wireless gaming mouse?

A. Generally, a low-end wireless gaming mouse will probably not offer the same fast response time. A wired gaming mouse will also be just as affordable, if not cheaper, than the wireless alternatives. However, an expensive wireless mouse can match a wired mouse in response time while also being more versatile. Consider that a good wireless mouse is easier to transport and use at LAN parties or any competitive gaming event. There are pros and cons for both, and the best choice mainly comes down to your personal preference.

What’s the best wireless gaming mouse to buy?

Top wireless gaming mouse

Razer Naga Pro

Razer Naga Pro

What you need to know: This highly customizable modular wireless mouse has a powerful optical sensor and multiple button configuration options.

What you’ll love: The side plate of the mouse can be swapped out to provide more or less programmable keys, adapting to the type of game you are playing. In total, it allows for up to 19 additional programmable key bindings. To cut down on any potential input lag, the mouse uses light beam-based actuation instead of a mechanical key switch to register button inputs. 

What you should consider: Though it can keep going for 100 hours of gameplay, you must remember to plug it in and let it charge when not in use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wireless gaming mouse for the money

Redragon M690-1

Redragon M690-1

What you need to know: The wireless optical Redragon mouse is very affordable and allows for some customization.

What you’ll love: It has adjustable DPI buttons to swap between five settings. It is designed to be ergonomic and has some programmable buttons. The battery life can last up to an impressive 15 months. If you leave it unused for several minutes, to conserve power, it will enter an automatic sleep mode that you can deactivate by pressing any button.

What you should consider: Some customers have experienced issues with their mouse freezing up or having some input lag.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Wireless gaming mouse worth checking out

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed

What you need to know: This reliable wireless gaming mouse has a highly accurate sensor and powerplay compatibility, so it can continuously wirelessly charge.

What you’ll love: The powerplay function lets the mouse sit on a corresponding Logitech G mouse pad that will automatically charge the device as long as it sits on the pad. The built-in hero 25K sensor has a free software upgrade available to users. The RGB lighting, 11 programmable buttons and tunable weights allow personalized customization that will tailor the gaming experience to your needs. 

What you should consider: Without the specialized charging mousepad, you will need to plug the mouse in to charge. It can still be used as a wired mouse while charging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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