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Which BLACK+DECKER edger is the best?

While mowing your lawn helps keep your home looking presentable, if you want a head-turning property, edging is the secret. Edging provides the delineation that gives your lawn that extra-crisp look that says you take pride in your property.

BLACK+DECKER is a trusted brand helping individuals take care of what they own for over 175 years. The company’s two-in-one landscape edger and trencher have the power and flexibility needed to make your home a role model for the neighborhood.

What to know before you buy a BLACK+DECKER edger

What does an edger do?

Visually, an edger creates a crisp line between two areas on your property. Edging could run along a garden, a walkway, a sidewalk or a driveway. On a deeper level, an edger creates a barrier that prevents grassroots from extending into a garden or from creeping into a walkway, a sidewalk or a driveway.

Safety gear

DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle

Since a BLACK+DECKER edger whirls at high speeds, it’s best to wear safety gear to protect yourself from not only the blade but also from flying debris. A pair of boots, long pants and safety goggles are the minimum. Some individuals also prefer to wear work gloves, a dust mask and hearing protection as well. Additionally, remember to check for shallow pipes and electric lines before starting your edging.

What to look for in a quality BLACK+DECKER edger

Corded vs. cordless

BLACK+DECKER doesn’t make gas-powered edgers, only electric edgers. There are two types of BLACK+DECKER electric edgers: corded and cordless. While a corded option weighs less, costs less and delivers consistent power without ever needing to recharge, the cord limits distance, makes it less convenient to use and can be a safety hazard. Performance-wise, however, battery-powered tools are comparable to corded tools, so ultimately, the decision of whether to go corded or cordless is a personal preference, not a performance choice.

Blade vs. string

BLACK+DECKER edgers either use a blade or a trimmer string for creating an edge. A blade is superior. You simply cannot get as crisp and even of an edge while using trimmer string. However, BLACK+DECKER edgers that use trimmer string also serve as weed eaters, so you get two tools for the price of one, making purchasing them a better value for most homeowners.


If you are strictly using your edger as an edger, weight isn’t as important because the machine will be rolling along the ground. However, if you will also be using your edger as a trimmer, weight may quickly become an issue. 


Comfort is important. If you fatigue while performing a task, the quality will diminish. Consequently, the risk of making a mistake or having an accident will increase. When choosing your BLACK+DECKER edger, look for a model with an ergonomic and adjustable handle as well as a telescoping pole for maximum adaptability and comfort.

How much you can expect to spend on a BLACK+DECKER edger

You can get a corded BLACK+DECKER edger for as low as $45. On the other end of the price spectrum, a bundle of BLACK+DECKER tools that includes an edger may cost close to $300. The average price of a BLACK+DECKER edger, however, will range from $80-$140.


How deep should I set my BLACK+DECKER edger?

A. While a BLACK+DECKER edger blade may create an edge that is 1 inch, 1.25 inches or 1.5 inches deep, the manufacturer recommends starting with a 1-inch depth. If you find that you need to go deeper for aesthetic reasons, just make another pass with the blade set deeper.

Do I need to remove my lithium batteries from the charger as soon as they are finished charging?

A. It is safe to leave BLACK+DECKER lithium batteries on charge for extended periods. However, if you are storing the batteries for winter, it is best to top them off and bring them inside to a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Since lithium batteries can hold a charge for many months at a time, your topped-off BLACK+DECKER batteries will be ready to go at the start of the next season.

What’s the best BLACK+DECKER edger to buy?

Top Black+Decker edger

BLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher

BLACK+DECKER Edger & Trencher

What you need to know: If you need to do anything other than the lightest-duty edging work, this is the best option.

What you’ll love: Not only can this rugged model perform edging tasks, but when you remove the edge guide, it is capable of trenching as well. It offers three positions to control the cut and it has right or left-handed assist to give the machine flexibility.

What you should consider: A few individuals found this model didn’t have the best ergonomics, leading to wrist fatigue.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top Black+Decker edger for the money

BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch String Trimmer / Edger (Corded)

BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch String Trimmer / Edger (Corded)

What you need to know: For individuals who place the highest priority on budget, this is the best option.

What you’ll love: This affordable model allows the user to switch between trimming and edging quickly. The lightweight design and adjustable handle make this model adaptable to a wide variety of individuals. This edger features an automatic spool feed, so you never have to worry about trimmer-string length again.

What you should consider: As with other corded options, you have a limited range of use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch String Trimmer / Edger (Cordless)

BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch String Trimmer / Edger (Cordless)

What you need to know: If you do not want to be limited by an extension cord, this battery-powered option is the way to go.

What you’ll love: The 40V MAX lithium-ion battery has a built-in charge indicator, so you always know how much power you have left. This model has a PowerCommand dial that lets the user choose between more power or a longer runtime so you can customize the machine for the task.

What you should consider: If you have a mid-to-large size property, you will want to purchase a backup battery.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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